Friday, August 21, 2015

Rasheed Muhammad is Great


Rasheed Muhammad Jr. aka RJ has been playing basketball since age four. The amazing young hooper was born in 2009 and just turned six years old June 6. 

His genuine love and God given attributes make the game come rather easy to him says his father. 

In RJ's videos he's training, playing games and relaxing with friends and family. 

Although Rj is considerably a baby, he's a great ballhandler and shoots very good.

"He is learning that basketball is a privilege and education is a must," said RJ's dad, Rasheed. 

"My purpose is to teach him the value of hard work." 

While Mr. Muhammad emphasizes books and ball to strengthen a student athlete, he tightens the bond between him and RJ. 

"RJ understands that practice makes perfect and watching his cousin do it showed him he can make it."

"Love for the game helps me guide  him to school. No grades no play."

RJ's young, but with dad's proper guidance, his future is definitely bright. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Moses Hipps Is Money


Below is our intimate interview with, class of 2023, Moses Hipps aka Money Moses from New Jersey. Expect amazing highlight videos of ten-year-old Hipps in the future, as we hope to watch the rising fifth grade hooper compete soon. 

MSE: Name of player? 

MH: Moses Hipps (Nickname: Money Moses was given to him by family friends because he was always tight with his money,  but now we use it because he is money with his jump shot.  He strives on his own and is motivated to be one of the best shooters in the game and if he continues to work hard and stay focused and never take anything for granted, he will be.)

MSE: Player resides in what city and state?

MH: Voorhees, NJ (Philadelphia Tri-State Area)

MSE: Parent(s) or relative a current or former sports athlete? 

MH: Father played Div 1 Basketball for Lehigh University.  High School Hall-Of-Fame (Peddie School)

MSE: What school does he attend and how are his grades? 

MH: Straight A student at Signal Hill Elementary 

MSE: Workout/practice routine? 

MH: Workout 6 days a week.  Trains with Pooh Evans (Tyreke Evans of New Orleans Pelicans brother and trainer) since he was 6 years old and also trains with AP of A1Basketball.  Pick up basketball, 1-on-1, and 3-on-3. In addition to that we complete the 300 shot workout (Mid Jumper 70% or more, 3 point 60% or more , Free Throw 80% or more) at least 3-4 times a week. 

MSE: Strengths and weaknesses off and on the court?  

MH: Work on strength and conditioning with Chad Halet at Dajuan Wagner's Adrenaline.  Will be starting yoga classes next week

MSE: Three dream colleges? 

MH: Duke, Georgetown, and North Carolina 

MSE: Favorite NBA player and why? 

MH: Lebron, because he is a great player and leader.  He is very humble and is a team player.

MSE: AAU or local team? 

MH: Team Final 

MSE: Would you like to thank anyone for your success so far? 

MH: God first, my parents, my family, my teammates, Coach Pooh, Coach AP, and my teachers.  Everyone who has worked with me.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wakem Wells Prevails

Wells is his Name 

Below is our intimate interview with none other than the nine year old talented rising fourth grader, Wakem Wells from Indianapolis. His claim to fame is to be an elite student-athlete throughout grammar, middle, high school and college. 

MSE: Name of player? 

WW: Wakem Wells

MSE: Player resides in what city and state? 

WW: Indianapolis, IN

MSE: Parent(s) or relative a current or former sports athlete? 

WW: Cousin Branden Dawson plays for the Los Angles Clippers

MSE: What school does he attend and how are his grades? 

WW: I attend Charles
Tindley Rennasance Academy

MSE: Workout/practice routine?

WW: 4 days a week 2 hours each time (2 days
during the school year)

MSE: Strengths and weaknesses on-and-off the court?

WW: One of my strenghts is my
ball handling and my ability to create open looks looks for my
teammates. One of my weaknesses is myself working on being more vocal
on the court.

MSE: Three dream colleges? 

WW: My 3 dream colleges are Duke University,
Michigan State University and Kentucky University

MSE: Favorite NBA player and why? 

WW: My Favorite NBA player is LeBron James,
because I like his style of play. He is very unselfish.

MSE: YouTube videos? 

WW: Link to my YouTube Video

MSE: AAU or local team?

WW: Indiana Elite East 2024

MSE: Would you like to thank anyone for your success so far? 

WW: I would like
to thank my big brother  for pushing me to be better than him. I would
like to thank my mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to play
ball, for taking me to the gym, and helping get better. 

KJ Farfan Thanks MSE

KJ Farfan The Man


Wanted to say Thanks for always showing Me Love since Day 1. Still remember I was the youngest baller you wrote a story on when I just turned 5 years old. Then (MSE) got me noticed by Regis n Kelly when I was 6 yrs old. Ever since then you have been keeping up with my progress and writing articles to keep everyone informed. I have been busy this AAU season.  I had a good season even though I am no longer with the team.  Finished with 14 Championships with a record of 80-2 winning several MVP awards along the way. I couldn't go to Nationals this since we didn't have the funds. That only made me want to work even harder. They invited me to play up with a 5th grade team, Chaos, and just won 2nd place in AAU Internationals, playing against teams from all over the Country and other Countries.  This summer I have been training hard and getting better at the game working on my shots, ball handling, footwork, defense, communication skills, and showing other players I am a Natural Born Leader. Also I have been training at Montverde Academy here in Florida which they just won for the 3rd time in a row, National High School Championship against Oak Hill Academy which is another place where I go to in the Summer every year.  I am getting ready for next season where I will be heading to 5th Grade.  I will be playing again for his Middle School team for the 2nd year. Next year is going to be good year for Me. I still have a long way to go, but there is Nothing that is going to Stop Me on my way to the Top.  

Here are 2 videos of me in action this 4th Grade AAU Season.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram - kj5ballin, to keep up with me on my basketball journey to see my latest pics & videos.

Thanks MSE for always showing Support & Love to Me since day 1!

Class of 2023

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Akai Fleming Has Arrived

Fleming Is Golden 

Check out a top rising third grader, Akai Fleming from Atlanta, Georgia -- who's a wiz in the class room scoring A & B grades, and his favorite subject happens to be Math.

On the ball court, eight-year-old Fleming is a strong slasher that shoots and attacks the basket at will. His ball handling is above average plus he's tall for his age. 

Fleming plays the 1, 2, 3 and 4 positions as a big point guard. However, Fleming's dad, Atibah says Akai gets frustrated when he picks up defensive fouls. 

"Sometimes he reaches. He is very aggressive on defense and has to learn how to play with fouls," Mr. Fleming told Middle School Elite. 

At the MSE camp, Fleming used his long arms to clog lanes, block shots and grab rebounds. "To my surprise, I haven't seen much kids have the IQ to draw charges like he does."

Akai's dream college is the University of Kentucky and his favorite player is King Lebron James.

Akai's IQ is beyond his years on-and-off the basketball court. He understands the commitment and dedication necessary to be elite.  

"He's a very hard working kid which I am proud to call my son" and "He knows that hard work in school and on the court will put him in a better position to achieve his dreams."

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sam Cannon Is All Ball

Sam I Am

Did you know seventh and eighth grade basketball players are recruitable? Meaning college coaches can offer certain middle school student athletes free scholarships. 

What about younger hoopers yet to reach the right grade for recruitment? Do they only matter when a scholly is on the line? 

Whereas seventh and eighth graders may sign a letter of intent, players in grades first through sixth can verbally commit. Are the rules fair? 

That makes us even more curious of Sam Cannon, a six year old first grader in class of 2026. He's also a student at Pleasant Lake Elementary in Detroit, Michigan. 

Cannon is super talented which is evident from the mini video clips on his Instagram page @DetFutureStarGuard. "He does hundreds of drills," said Sam's dad, Mr. Cannon. 

As a point guard, he puts emphasis on ball handling and passing drills. "I honestly feel that he has the strongest handle in the country at his age."

Since age three, Sam has watched NBA legends on television and YouTube; his favorite players such as Isaiah Thomas, John Stockton and Magic. 

The triumph and legacy of those athletes is where Cannon's fire inside to be great comes from.

Cannon's dad laughed out loud, "he watches all the great point guards" and "he is a student of the game early and learns so much from all the greats that I barely have to teach him."

Seemingly Cannon realizes he has a long way to go before anything. 

Mr. Cannon said, "he always ask me do I believe he will be better than those guys and I simply respond, yes son if you keep working you'll be the greatest ever."

Hearing the words 'you will be the greatest ever' is what makes Cannon hungry. "He believes me when I say it."

Mr. Cannon claims his son "loves the game more than anything else" and as a parent "nothing is more pleasing than his son being recognized for his talents." 

However, Cannon isn't your typical kid. He doesn't play video games or watch cartoons. He's 100% basketball. 

In one of Cannon's vids, he skillfully dribbles a basketball behind his back and repeatedly says "I'm the best." 

Whenever Sam misbehaves, his father confiscates his basketball. 

"So for him to be recognized and receive exposure for something he loves and works so hard at is a blessing from God and we are very thankful."

Mr. Cannon isn't cocky as it might sound, he is actually humble. He knows the race to greatness is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Sam is the real one to worry about, anyway. And he could be the reason all pre-high schoolers receive equal respect and recruitment, regardless of grade.

"I hope everyone is at the MSE camp in Virginia so they can see one of the best first graders battling older kids from across the country," The Cannon family concluded. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Nolen Thompson Just Begun

He Wants In

Class of 2026, Nolen Thompson from Detroit, Michigan is already making a name for himself and he's just seven years old. 

As a rising second grader, Thompson's game still needs improving. He dribbles with his head down unable to survey the whole floor.

He's obviously adjusting to handling the ball under defensive pressure in 5-on-5 settings. His playmaking ability will be on par once he sees how to trust teamates. 

Thompson's strength is his catlike quickness, his tantalizing crossover, his aggressive defense, and playing team ball. 

He finished first grade with nothing less than a 'A' on spelling tests. 

He also attends a math tutoring program twice a week during regular school and summer. 

"In the program he has received many awards and is almost two grade levels ahead in math," Mr. Thompson told Nations Best Talent. 

"He also knows that education is not an option and comes first, therefore he keeps his grades up in order to play ball."

His dream college is Duke University and favorite NBA player is James Harden.

Thompson is a very dedicated and enthusiastic young basketball player. 
He is eager to learn, very competitive and a leader. 

While Thompson hones his craft, he is also teaching his five-year-old brother Braylen how to play the sport they both love. 

"Nolen is determined to be successful and will let nothing stand in his way.